Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Hey ya'all, Vee here. I am an aspiring minimalist. I am NOT a writer. So apologizing up front here to anyone for my lack of.... writing skills. I am more of a speaker ; )
Experts say that Less is More. More what? Well, more of what is most important to you. They state to arrange your life around what is most valuable to your true mission. To create an environment which sets up focus on the thing that is most important.  For the sake of simplicity, I will say that what is most important to me is knowing God thru Jesus Christ.  Is that saying that every snapshot of my life is following His teachings? Certainly not. But, I aspire to so I am motivated to create an environment in which allows for the best possible outcome. I am driven to decrease distractions to follow Him.  Right now I have many distractions. So with God's help, one by one out they go. I will try to journal a bit about the process.

Aren't we all a "process" of becoming what our Creator wants us to be?

I trust this will be a positive influence on my marriage, other relationships, my health, my sin, and most of all my affections to God.

God's peace,

I do not agree with all of these bloggers in all things but linking them as other people on the mission to have less stuff.

Minimalist Bloggers

PS, Weeee, as of March my dear friend Jo will be co-blogging with me. We live close but in different towns and dont get to see each other much but, thanks to the internet we are in contact with each other most everyday. Iron sharpens iron. So we will record this journey together. We hope you are inspired to be all God wants you to be.

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  1. Praise God that you two are here! And, you give Him all the glory! Thanks so much for your visit to my blog! I am so blessed to hear that I'm not the only one out there on this minimalist journey. And, it IS a journey that's for sure!

    God bless y'all in your service to His kingdom! As Vee says, GIVE! GIVE! GIVE!

    God bless!

    ~Chelle the Bohemian Christian