Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let the giving begin


The totes are mostly clothes and shoes I brought up from the basement (we just moved here 3 months ago and I put everything down there till I could start going thru everything for a big purge. It's exciting to get started. The table with the bags are all clothes being donated. All the fabrics were donated to a neat ministry that teaches women to sew and then sells crafts to help pay thier bills. Cleaning supplies and other crafts were donated to our local church for summer Bible camps and other teaching needs. This is progress for my husband and I. Much more work to do. We are excited about the journey and feeling better already.
Currently I am in the process of counting my clothes so I can purge more - I hit a wall and counting your items seems to help many people let go of more. I am sure the numbers will be rediculous. Off to shed more.



  1. I just started my journey, too!! This post makes me feel good for you.